Yes, I Can’t Cook Like Your Mom!!!

It was 8 pm, Rani and Dinesh sat for their dinner. Rani was very excited as she cooked something special for Dinesh and it was his favorite too. But her excitement broke into pieces when she heard this. “Rani, I didn’t like what you cooked today. I am eating out.” Dinesh said and walked out of the dining table. One more time it happened. Actually not one time, Rani and Dinesh got married for the last 3 years and every day she tries cooking something of his liking and he simply rejects the same. Why does he? They moved to another city and he had to leave his parents and shift due to the job. But he misses his mom’s cooking and keeps taunting his wife every now and then. And then-wife feels, yea, I can’t cook like your mom!!!

Rani was crying, she also didn’t eat anything. She just cleaned the kitchen and went to sleep. What was her fault? She is a bad cook? No, actually this is not the reason but she cannot copy the recipe from her mother in law. Yes, that was the mistake that happened. She can cook and that too yummy food but unfortunately her husband couldn’t develop the taste for her food. All he was carrying in his mind was the comparison which gives her only one thought, yes, I can’t cook like your mom.

How easily the husbands say to his wife that she cannot cook like his mother. Why he can’t understand every person is different and even two real sisters cannot cook the same.  The comparison doesn’t make any sense. It is natural that a wife wishes to cook that food what her husband likes, she also takes a lot of effort to learn from her mother in law. But it’s the husband who makes her feel low and gives her feeling that she cannot do anything.

In a lot of houses it is been seen that even the mother in law is ready to teach her daughter in law and the new weds daughter in law also taking it very sportingly instead making fuss about it but who will explain the husband’s that this learning may take some time and its surely possible that his wife won’t be able to cook the same like his mother. At such points why cannot he taste what she is discovering instead of getting upset all the time!!!

There is no certificate required for any wife to prove her husband that she also can cook well and if she can’t cook she will learn but the husband should give her enough time for both, learning and grasping!!!

This will also help in building them and shaping their relationship.

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