The Secrets of Baby Care in Winter

“Close the window honey, it’s a really cold breeze”… I was telling my hubby. Yeah, finally winter entered our life and our baby’s life too. It was his 1st winter though and we were really worried. What to do and what to not, how to look after his delicate skin, tons of questions were in mind but then we also learned to overcome this thing and found some secrets of baby care in winter. 

I would like to share the same with you all as well.  

  • Hand washing is really important – Every baby’s first contact is his mother only and that’s why you need to do handwash regularly. Winter always brings flu and cold and if you won’t maintain the hygiene then there is a possibility that you will pass the germs to your baby easily. And this should be applicable to everyone who meets or visits the baby. 
  • Keep a baby in comfortable clothes – Over layering to babies in winter can irritate him, instead maintain the room temperature and do not put him in layers of clothes. Putting socks and mitten could be a wise decision to make him happy and comfortable. 
  • Maintain room temperature – To keep baby safe from this cold breeze it’s always good to maintain room temperature. This will give good warmth to the baby.
  • The vaccine schedule is very important – As the winter brings a lot of diseases we also have to make sure that our baby doesn’t miss his vaccine. So that he can be saved in winter diseases. And because for some reason, you miss the vaccine then make sure that you will consult your doctor and take the next appointment immediately. 
  • Breastfeeding breastfeeding and breastfeeding – Another way to keep your baby safe from the diseases is simple yet effective and that is breastfeeding. It not only builds immunity but keeps all the infections away from the baby. 
  • A big NO to heavy blankets – You must have bought a cute, softest and best quality winter blanket for your baby, is it really safe? Because due to the non-ability to remove it from the face and due to that sudden death is a major fact to keep in mind. Instead, simply maintain the room temperature and put a light blanket on his face.  
  • Massage to improve blood circulation – Massage is the best way to improve blood circulation in babies especially in the winter season. It builds immunity, improves blood circulation and keeps the baby’s skin soft and healthy. Olive or almond oil is best to keep the baby’s skin soft and healthy

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