The Importance of a Father in Children’s Life.

The importance of a father in children’s life. We always heard and read a lot of things about motherhood and mom’s importance in a child’s life. But we don’t really focus on a father’s importance. The reasons could be different, maybe coz it’s a mother who gives birth, she is always around to look after the baby, care for baby, feed the baby and so on… But does it really mean that the baby doesn’t need a father? Of course not. Even fathers play a very vital role is the child’s life. And this effects on shaping a child’s life too.

A father is always set to be a strong person of the house; he is the final decision maker, he takes care of all financials, education and all expenses of the house. Not only has this but father’s involvement helped in kid’s mental development too. Fathers always give a sense of security to the child not only physically but emotionally too. Children who has a supportive father become mentally also strong and their cognitive development look on the higher side. It builds self-confidence in the kids.

When a child sees the interaction of his father in society, he tries to copy the same and the good manner father, it raises well manners kid too. When a father treats his child, the child does the same when he grows up.

It’s very common to see the strong bond between a father and daughter because daughters are emotionally connected to their fathers. Daughters also feel secure with their father. Fathers leave the best impression of a good man on daughters. When a daughter is raised with gentle and care by her father then it’s very natural she looks for the same quality in her husband after growing up. And when she is raised by a strong and valiant father then she will relate the same.

It’s very reverse in the father-son relationship. Boys keep their father as their role model and imitate them. When boys see that his father gives respect to the ladies, takes care of old people, loves Youngers then they also try to be the same.

It’s a good thing that nowadays fathers getting more involved in all relationship than just chasing the money. Today’s father is there with a wife from the day she gets pregnant, he also accompanies her the moment she goes is labor till she delivers the baby. He is the one who not only changes the diapers but also plays with the baby, takes the baby out and also joins dads club with their kids. He gets involved from deciding the hospital from delivery until selecting the school, taking the studies until looking after extra circular activities.

A lot of studies show that a father’s involvement helps in the mental, cognitive, behavioral and physical development of a child.  So let’s not just celebrate motherhood but we should also celebrate fatherhood as well!!!

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