Geeta heard fighting from the hall, she saw her kids Pradeep and Pratiksha, one is 7 year old and another is 9 years old, were fighting due to a TV remote. She shouted and pulled the remote from their hands and sent them to their bedroom so it will be the end of that fight. Again after a few minutes she heard screaming and loud voices from the kid’s room. She went in a rush and saw. This time they were fighting because one from them started teasing to another. Geeta sat on a chair in stress and started thinking what to do to stop the fights between these siblings. 

Looks familiar to you also mommies? Well, I understand as this is a story we see every next door. So in such situations what can be done? I have few tips which might help you and ease out your stress. 

Ideas to teach Sibling sharing:

  • Never compare the children’s with each other: 

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of parents make is they compare siblings with a lot of points like school grades, eating habits, behavior, manners and so on. When there is a comparison then it’s very natural that there will be jealousy and out of jealousy the conflicts arise. So never compare the child with any other kid or even with his siblings.

  • Set a time for both of them: 

Kids always want to be special mainly for their parents. But when a child sees these parents are giving more time to younger and less to older then conflicts happen. To avoid this decide a fixed time for each child and make sure in that time you will devote yourself completely into the conversation. Listen what the kid has to say, understand his point of views. It’s not true all the time that older kids don’t need parents. Have a word with the older kid too and give him also the same time you decide for the younger one. 

  • Teach your older child to look after younger: 

Responsibility makes a person or mature, so give some responsibility to your older one and see the difference in the behaviour. He will be more caring towards younger one and this will make their bond very strong. 

  • Boundaries are important :

Boundaries are very important as it will set limits for everything especially when it comes to fighting. When kids start raising hands on each other that time you should intervene immediately and stop it. Make them realize their boundaries and settle the fight. 

  • Never punish one child in front of other:

When you punish one child in front of another then it may give the feeling of looser while the one who is not getting scolded will surely think that he is right and his sibling is wrong. It creates an imbalance between the two kids. 

It has been seen a lot of times that parents favor one particular child especially the younger one and this makes the older kid rebel, he gets a feeling that he is not important like younger. So while giving love, parents need to understand the above basic concepts. 

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