Parents Are Not Enemies!!!

Ekansh was angry at me. He gave me a bad look and walked towards the bedroom. I followed him back. He sat on the bed and started crying and mumbling, I used my sharp ears and heard what he said. Ekansh was saying, “God, I don’t want this family. I want another family. These people hate me. Please God, find another family for me.” When I heard this my eyes were filled with tears and why not? Being just six years old you suddenly want another family? I went inside the room and asked, “Why do you want another family?” By suddenly seeing me in the room he got scared but then asked me to go out of the room, but I refused and insisted on him. He said he is angry because I complained to his dad about him and his dad beat him up. Oh, so that was the reason. I understood. I wanted to explain to him everything but that time he wasn’t in the mood so I let go of that moment. My heart was continuously shouting from inside that, my baby, we are not your enemies, we are your well-wishers.

It was Sunday, after crying a lot yesterday night my cutie pie just woke up. He almost had forgotten what happened yesterday. I was happy to see that. Ekansh was just lying on the bed and he saw a wrapped gift next to him. He cheered up loudly and opened the gift. It was his favorite car, his dad gifted him. He went out of the room and hugged his daddy with a lot of love. I asked him about his yesterday’s tantrums but he said to leave that topic now as he got a gift.

Later, by mid of the day, I thought of talking to Ekansh. I walked towards him; he was playing with a car. I said, Ekansh, I need to speak with you.” I started explaining to him that we are parents are not enemies.

We indeed shout or we beat our children’s but it doesn’t happen without a reason. No, not. As a parent, we have a lot of expectations from our kids the same way they expect tons of things. Kids expect we should buy new toys, games, clothes, shoes, accessories, stationary’s. We should take them to movies, for a picnic, to their friends, and parties. And as a parent, we try our best to provide them almost everything on behalf of what? On behalf of good behavior, good discipline, good results in exams, healthy food habits, hygiene, responsibility. Yes, as a parent we look at all such factors in our kid but are these for our good? If the kid will do well in exams he will have a bright future, if he will maintain good and hygiene then it will make him healthy for the future, if he will behave well then the society will accept him, he will be a good human being. So where are the parents benefit?

Every parent has their way, culture and society to raise the kid with but kids don’t understand all this and very easily they give a tag of the enemy to their parents. Kids feel that a parent should never say no to them and just do what the kid wants. But it will be harmful to the kid too. Tomorrow if parents will stop interfering in the kid’s life then it’s a high possibility that kids might take the wrong decision. Of course not purposely but being nonexperience he or she can go on the wrong path or it may lead to some bad experiences like if a kid is already on the healthier side but keep eating all fatty foods or if a parent won’t stop that kid will not stop watching TV or mobile, and so on.

Parents do a lot of scarifies in their life and give the best to the kid. It’s not necessary that all parents earn very well or they have tons of money, a lot of parents compromise their own life to fulfill the kid’s dreams. Parents also feel that they should have a relaxed life but they do sacrifice on every stage of the life, like if a kid is not well then even parents have sleepless nights, they have rounds to the doctors, they search the best school even the fees goes high, they make their kids join a lot of hobby classes even they have to rush after office, they spend a lot of money in birthday parties, schoolings, and fun activities, etc. Just that kid doesn’t realize all this.

It’s very easy to be a kid but it’s very difficult to be a parent. So it’s a request to all the kids please don’t hate us and please understand parents are not enemies!!!

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