Overweight Kids – Do they need a Diet?

Over weight child

Overweight kids may give stress to parents. Rucha was worried, her 8 years daughter asked for more cookies wherein she already ate 10 cookies. Rucha doesn’t want to refuse her little one. Suddenly her mother in law said, “Rucha, this isn’t good. She already ate so many cookies and now instead of stopping it, you are giving more to her. I understand it’s a mother’s love but you have to accept the fact that your kid is overweight now. We should do something now itself to avoid future complications.” Rucha’s mother in law said in a worried tone.  

Tell me, mommies, are you also riding in the same boat as Rucha? Are your kid also overweight and you don’t want to cut his food and wanna put him on diet? Well then you should read the below article and you might find the solution. 

Tips to maintain your child’s weight:

  • Child sized portion: 

It’s very much common for mommies to feed as much as she can to her child but it should be kept in mind that even a child has to eat a limited portion of the food which is called as child-sized portions. When a child eats let him finish that first and if he asks more then only give instead forcing him to eat more. Also while serving you needs to understand that adult size plate is different and child-sized is different so you need to use child plate while serving. See that your child won’t finish his food in a minute but should take time to chew properly, this will not only help in the digestion but will also make the child realize how much he supposed to eat. You can turn this time into storytime or sharing and listening to how he spent his day, it’s the best way to make him sit for long. 

  • Make him more active: 

It’s pretty natural for any overweight person to perform less activity either an adult or a kid. But this isn’t good for the overweight children. When these children will do some kind of exercise or physical activity it will help him burning more calories. In a day he should do at least 60 minutes of physical activity; it will keep his health in good condition. To encourage him let him select the activity or sports as per his choice instead of forcing him for a particular sport. Not just the gym but other fun activities like dance, swimming, martial arts, climbing, cricket, football, racing or any ground activities can do wonders.  

  • Go on Healthy snacks: 

All children love sweets and junk food. They are not aware of the side effects of the same.  But as a parent, you need to keep an eye on what is he picking while eating. Make them like almost all fruits and veggies as it will provide them nutrition’s like vitamins and minerals. When go on healthy doesn’t mean to have sweet juices or smoothie, try making him eat fruits directly the way it is instead of putting them into the mixer. This will add the fiber and smooth his digestion.  Make your child understand the negatives of sugary food or fast food like cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolates, sugary cereals, soft drinks as all these food are high in calories but low in nutrients.

  • Cut off the screen time: 

More screen time means more lying or more eating which results in gaining more weight. When the kids start watching TV or playing on electronics then don’t realize how easily they spent hours in the same. And due to this, they avoid physical activities. As per the experts, the maximum screen time should be 2 hours a day including all types of gadgets. 

  • Increase the sleep time: 

A good amount of sleep is very essential for children as it helps in the overall development of his body. It’s also seen that if the child does not take the required amount of sleep then he tends to be overweight compared to others.  So make sure he will sleep well to maintain his body weight

Overweight is definitely a worrying factor for parents but finding the solution and get it implemented is more important. Keep yourself positive and support your child, help him achieve the targeted goals, and plan for a reward after that. At the same time be a good listener and understand your child’s issues if he is facing any. 

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