New Year Resolution 2021

New Year Resolution 2021

Hey friends, so finally we are at the edge of the ending of 2020 year and as we all know all I can say the whole world has seen a lot of ups and downs as the year 2020 has been really tough on us, we have seen that the life is so uncertain that nothing is firm, stable and sure. And of course, due to Covid, we all wish that this year should end soon.

So this wish is surely coming true soon and friends there has been a major change in the resolutions list as well. Now this time people aren’t going to follow the same traditional resolutions but they have totally new wishes, would you also like to know?

Then what are you waiting for? Go on and read this blog and see if you also wish to follow these same resolution’s?

New Year Resolution 2021:

1. Follow more hygiene:

Yes, this should be on top of your list friends as we all are very well aware of the importance of hygiene, isn’t it?  Year 2020 has already taught us that if we maintain the good hygiene then we not only maintain good health but we can save our self from deadly disease like Covid 19.

2. Enjoy every small moment:

We have already seen that pandemic doesn’t see any difference in rich or poor, celebrity or a common man, when it comes it just swipes everything which comes in its way so, at such time, we should be enjoying every little moment came in our life as this uncertain life showed us how a small moment can make you happy rather than a big fat expensive thing we buy.

3. Give more importance to your family than any other things:

Tell me something friends, when we all faced this pandemic at such time who supported us? Who was standing with you? Who was taking care of you? Who was giving you mental support as well, who tried to pull you out of depression? And you know the answer right?

4. Add more veggies:

Meat helps you but veggies do wonders to your body and now as we all know that, isn’t it?

5. Plan a vacation:

I know we all are always busy in our work and in our daily routine but as seeing life’s uncertainty, we should have some quality time for ourselves and plan a good vacation to relax from every day’s stress.

6. Donate old clothes to needy ones:

It was the time when we used to keep our old clothes as an inspiration for ourselves so that we could shed a little more but frankly, we also know, we don’t really keep checking on our old clothes, then why keep them? Instead, let’s donate them to the needy one.

7. Pamper yourself more often:

Why not? We keep doing so many things to please others, especially for our family but even we deserve to be special as well so take a break from your tight schedule and do what you like, go watch a movie, enjoy your favorite coffee, read a book, shop, have fun with friends but make sure to take out some time for yourself and pamper yourself.

So friends, what do you think about these new resolutions of 2021? Did you like these tips?

If you have more innovation resolutions, then please share.

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