New Born Babies Full Body Check-up – Is It Necessary?

Well… I am not really sure whether Indian parents are fully agreed to do the check-up of their newborn babies… As even I wasn’t too… when I gave birth to my son, I never ever imagined that he got specs by birth. At the start, we couldn’t understand as there were no signs on any type of eye problems but when he turned 4 years old then he started rubbing his eye quite frequently.

We took him to an eye specialist and discovered his 1 eye’s iris is too much cylindrical and that’s why he has to wear specs. We were heartbroken. Such a small baby has to wear specs. We went mad, took him to so many eye specialists but they all answered the same…

Alas… we had to accept the fact and then we made his 1st specs. Poor kid, starting feeling nervous and uncomfortable with all his friends. And thanks to Indian society people who kept giving Gyan to me & him that I should not allow him to watch mobile and TV. I used to explain all about this by birth concept but no help as the blame game is always easy.

Due to all this he stopped going out, tried avoiding school and was sad all the time but thanks to his class teacher          Miss. Rashmi, who welcomed him in a very different way.  The day when we wore his specs and went to school that day she introduced him as a Harry Potter of his class, he came very happily home, and what a coincidence, all society people, his friends, everyone started calling him the same. 

We were glad to see him happy but there was something going in his mind, he still uses to feel the burden of it, and yes.. of course.. it was a burden, every time he had to keep in mind that he needs to take care of that specs while playing, jumping, sleeping, bathing every time. Such a small fella and so many restrictions…

This impacted his personality too. His peers use to take advantage of the same. Whenever he used to indulge in any fights they used to attack his specs only and while trying to save the specs he used to get hit by them.  As a parent, we tried saving him from all this but wasn’t able to accompany him as he was in school by then.  After struggling for almost 3 years now my kiddo turned 7 and due to the age, he becomes smart too. Now if he sees the fight is going to happen he immediately keeps his specs in a safe place and then gives back to them. Though we aren’t 100% free from this prob he is dealing with it very well… proud of you my son.. keep it up.

So, mommies, I’m sure few of you also faced or facing the same issues about kids specs.  That’s why it’s my advice to get all necessary check-ups done at the time of kid’s birth to avoid future complications.

As I have to wait till my son turn 18 and then can do all sort of surgeries till then let’s discover more ways to make kids feel the same confidence as others.

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