Lullabies…Do they really work?

Yeah.. very valid question. I also always use to think that do lullabies really work? Do they have that magic to make kids sleep? And I only got the answer… Yes.. they work. As my personal experience says it really helps in making babies sleep very well.

I used to play 3 lullabies which my son still loves to hear…

  1. Nimbonichya Zadakhali Chandra Zopla Ga Bai…
  2. Chanda Hai Tu, Mera Suraj Hai Tu
  3. Yashoda ka Nand Lala

Really it worked and did wonders for my baby. Whenever I used to play these, he used to go in a real deep sleep. And I used to love seeing this. After all, kids need a good sleep for his complete growth na…

Also, lot of studies showed that listening to music surely helps in baby’s brain development, it also creates a very strong bond between mommy and a baby, also as moms wants her baby to have deep sleep she tries to create that environment, dark room, no noise, and soft voice lullabies.. all these made the baby sleep quickly. #chandahaitumerasurajhaitu #nimbonichyazadamage #yashodakananadlala

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