It’s Time for Chocolate my Baby!!!

“It’s time for chocolate my baby,” I said with a lot of excitement. And I tried feeding chocolate to my one and a half years old son. But immediately my husband stopped me. “What are you doing? Have you spoken with his pediatric?” I said, “No I have not because I thought he is old enough to enjoy it. And what to ask in such a small thing.” But my husband didn’t listen and wanted me to confirm the same.

So tell me, mommies, do you also have the same concern? Then come and discover all the facts about chocolate and when it is safe to introduce the same to your baby.

Right time to introduce Chocolate:

Your baby should be more than 12 months old enough to get introduced to chocolate. The simple reason is the baby may have allergy due to chocolate. To avoid this allergy, best is introduce dark chocolate first and observer and then take a call on the same.

Possible allergic ingredients in Chocolates:

There is a possibility that a baby may generate allergies after eating chocolates but it’s not necessary its due to chocolate but the ingredients in the chocolates can cause an allergy, like:

  • Milk
  • Soy
  • Peanuts
  • Berries
  • Corn
  • Gluten
  • Other nuts
  • Wheat

If you are aware of what kind of allergy your baby has then before feeding him anything even chocolate, then read the ingredient very carefully and then feed.

Possible allergies due to Chocolates:

Children’s may develop allergies due to some kind of food or ingredients presents in chocolates, they could be:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Sneezing
  • Throat swelling
  • Tongue swelling
  • Rash
  • Eye redness

Types of Chocolates:

Now a day’s chocolate is available in different types, like:

  • Dark chocolate – It is also called as pure chocolate or dark chocolate. This is not sweet in taste; it’s mostly used in baking.
  • White chocolate – Actually it’s not a pure chocolate it’s more of milk-based.
  • Liqueur chocolate – It has two types, one which actually has liqueur in it which is definitely not recommended for kids and another is a paste of cocoa beans in pure form.  
  • Cocoa powder – This is simply a powdered form of cocoa beans. It’s mainly used in drinking chocolates.

Ideas to select perfect Chocolates:

There are a lot of types of chocolates available in the market, you can see below points about the perfect selection while introducing the first time:

  • Check for the ingredients to avoid allergies
  • Go for low-fat one’s so it won’t add many categories
  • Go for smaller quantity than the big bars of chocolates
  • Go for caffeine-free bars whenever possible

It’s but natural to fall in love with chocolates and this can happen not only with kids but with adults too. So go ahead and feats on it with the above precautions.

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