Is your kid facing social phobia?

Kid facing social phobia

Does your kid feel nervous, does he feels too much shy in front of outsiders? Then you must take s note that he is facing Social phobia or social anxiety. These kinds of people feel uncomfortable in society, though they are pretty open with their family and a few close friends.  Such people avoid crowds and always stay away from social events. Let’s understand more about is your kid facing social phobia?

Reasons behind Social Phobia:

It’s kind of a social fear. People with social phobia generally fear the danger of something and they don’t feel comfortable making contact with new people. People feel nervous and they try their best to avoid the situation. Mainly these are emotions that play with his mind. 

And all these effects on the person’s social performance as well.  Such people always get scared that someone from the crowd will judge him and then by criticizing he will laugh at him. This makes the shy person more embarrassed. And due to this they ruin the good part of them and do only wrong things.  

One reason could be genes and some kids are born with such behaviour. 

Sometimes, such behaviors can be learned by observing their parents. So if one of the parents is shy then the kid can obverse it and copy the same behavior. 

Can Social Phobia restrict your kid’s life?

Well, yes it does. Due to this social phobia, kids may avoid chitchatting, playing parties, with friends. Such kids won’t go on any school trips; neither will join any fun activities or classes. 

These kids will always sit on the last bench so teaches won’t ask anything g to them, they won’t do any kind of presentations if required, neither answer in the class. And even if he got stuck on anything he won’t ask the teacher to explain it.  This will affect badly on his academics.

When there will be a talk about other social skills like dancing, sports, music, drama, or anything, such a shy kid will never participate which in either way will kill the skills even if he has any.

And such an extreme kind of social phobia is called Mutism. These kids never feel good with outsiders but they can be friendly with their family. But due to their behavior, they are a lot of time known as rude in society or school. 

What’s the cure for Social Phobia?

Dealing with social phobia isn’t so easy task, such kids go from lot of things but if they decide upon few things then they can come over it:

  • Take support from family – It’s always good to share everything with family, by doing this family can come to know what that kid is going through. 
  • Take support from friends – If the kid isn’t comfortable with family then he can share things with his close buddies as well.
  •  Take support from a therapist – If both the above things does not work then you can take your kid to a therapist who can surely get him rid of this problem. 

Being with your kiddo can make you understand his feelings and you can really be a great help for him to overcome the social phobia.

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