Is saying NO really difficult for your kids?

Tell the truth mommies, is saying NO really difficult for you to your kid? We see this trend a lot nowadays. Parents are not able to say no to their kids and trying to fulfill all the demands.

The reason is very simple…inflation. And due to this in every second family, a mother is working too. And after coming from office and traffic stress parents are tired and guilty of not spending enough time with their kids. So it becomes easy for them to say yes for everything and keeping their kid happy. 

The observation also says it’s not just the reason but also a lot of parents feel they should give everything to their kid what they couldn’t get in their childhood. A lot of parents tell very proudly that, I shall give the best life to my kid, like expensive toys, branded clothes, foreign tours, high-class school, malls, hoteling and what not. But is it really necessary? Is it the real way of happiness my dear mommies? Think… Just think…

An important reason for saying NO to kids:

1.      It Teaches Kids to be patient – Mom; I want the toy right now. My kid was shouting. I said it’s just a toy, please wait till I finish my work, I will take only 10 mins, ok. Again after 2 sec, mommy please, I need that toy right now. Ufff… It started annoying me as to why can’t he wait just for 10 mins. Another day, I was talking with my neighbor, suddenly kid came running, mommy where is TV remote? I replied must be in the hall, please check honey as someone is home, let me talk to her. Again after 5 mins, mom I’m missing my cartoon, please help me find the remote, my kid said in a very desperately. What’s with you? I was surprised to see his impatience. And like this, he started behaving now and then. I decided to control this. One fine day when he asked me something, I asked him to wait as I was into the middle of something and I practiced these tons of time, after hearing NO from me, he too started realizing that, every time he can’t be the priority and he needs to wait for something he desires. 

2.      It teaches them the importance of money – Mom, my friend got a new toy car from his mother, said, my kid. And another got Tab. Wow. I replied. Just wow? What will I get mommy? Oh, so that’s why you were sharing this? I checked on him. Another day, I took my kid to buy a birthday gift for his friend but on the way, I asked him, what do you want? He said pastry, I agreed. But when we reached in the toy shop, my friend was already there with her kid too, and on request, she bought whatever her kid demanded. After seeing this kid also started doing the same but I was very firm, I told him, it costs money for everything. I already gave you a choice between a toy and a pastry, so now no more jumbling. And while on the way home, I made it clear about the importance of money. He understood and ate the pastry happily. He learned not do ask everything he sees in the store. 

3.      It teaches them to respect elders – Mom, today my friend hit his grandma, then he used bad words too and his mom was there but didn’t get angry at all… My kid told me. So? I had my eyebrow raised. What are you trying to tell me? If such a thing happens even once in our house, you will be in the hostel from the very next day. I clearly answer to my son’s non-asked question as I was aware he is checking my reaction on the same. We should teach our kids to respect elders from childhood itself. Our elders did a lot for us and our kids, so it’s our duty to respect and make kids respect the same. Also, if we allow them to raised hands-on elders today then be prepared for the history to repeat.

We all love our kids but it doesn’t mean we should support them in their wrong things also, after all being a parent we always wish good things for our kids, and for that we have to take a firm stand whenever needed.

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