Indoor games…A new tradition

Indoor games

Indoor Games…. A new tradition. Let’s see how?? “Kirti, come let’s climb the tree, and later we will pluck some flowers for evening Pooja. And tomorrow we have to build a castle in our society ground.” Hina was going through her childhood album and went into a memory after seeing a pic of herself and her best friend playing into the garden. She went into deep thoughts. “What great fun we used to have, open grounds, trees, mountains, and in rains mud too. But now due to heavy modernization, we are having such a short of this nature. I’m worried what if for future our kids will see all the animals, mountains, lakes, and photos only. And then we have to find some indoor games for them because of no options left.” 

So let’s discover the types of indoor games which are from our childhood but again it’s are becoming new traditions for all the kids due to short of play areas:

  1. Touch and feel the box:  One of the fun and easy game. 
Touch and feel the box


  • Take any box like a shoebox
  • Put some basic materials like napkin, brush, soft toy, comb, toy fruits etc.  
  • Make a small hole in that box, wherein the kid can insert his hand. 
  • Then ask him to touch, feel, and tell about the object. 
  • The more the kid will answer correctly he will be the winner. 

2.Name, place, animal, thing :

Name, place, thing

You don’t really need much stuff for this game.


Take a few pencils and papers

Make 4 columns on it divided into name, place, animal, and thing 

Distribute it among the kids.

Give any alphabet to the kid and ask them to write all 4 things mentioned on the paper. E.g.: Say alphabet I, so Name – Ishita, Place – India, Animal – iguana and Thing – Ink. 

3.Chess :

Buy a chessboard and you and your kid can play this brain game. Let your kid use his brain, it will help your kiddo to improve his spatial skills as it’s an exercise for both the sides of the brain. Not only has this had it also helped in improving memory and creativity of the brain. 

4. Hide and seek –

Let your house will be small or big but this is everyone’s all-time favorite game. In this game, just close someone’s eyes and let your kid hide in a safe place. With giggles and finding process this game brings out sweet laughter. 

5. Passing the pass –

Easy, masti and fun.

Make all the kids sit in a circle.

Give them a soft pillow

Put on some music

Ask kids to pass that pillow around the circle

Once music stops ask the kid holding that pillow will leave the circle as he is out

Keep doing till last kid remains, and the very last one is the winner

6. Simon says :

A big laughter while playing this game.

Ask all the kids to stand with a little gap in between

Say loudly, Simon says, touch your nose or close your eye

Ask all the kids to follow the same

Keep saying any action very quick

The one fails to follow is out of the game

Keep doing till last kid remains, and the very last one is the winner 

7. Antakshari :

If your kids are little grown-ups then you can play this all-time hit game.

Ask all kids to sit in a circle

Sing a few lines of any song

Once done, pick up the last alphabet of it

Ask the first kid to sing the song with that alphabet

Once that finishes, again whatever the last alphabet remains the next kid will start singing from that

Whoever can’t sing will be out of the game

This game can last for long as there are tons of songs available 

8. TV Ads:

One of the memory games.

  • Ask all the kids to sit in a line
  • Say loudly any punch line of a famous brands which appears on TV every day
  • Like: Which brand says: I’m loving it? 
  • So the answer is: MacDonald’s
  • As kids watch a lot of TV, this time test their memory with fun too

                There are lot of other games too like Snake and the ladder, Ludo, Housie, Business, Uno, Carom, it’s upon our kid’s liking which one to go for.  

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