Ideal Gifts for New Parents!

Gift set for babies

“Sudha, tomorrow we have to go to meet Abhi and Diksha, they are blessed with a baby girl. Please get ready by 5 pm and yeah please get some useful gift for them.” Rakesh told Sudha and walked out for his office. “Really? How easily Rakesh said, do not get a regular one but buy something useful. Now what should I buy as nowadays [parents are very selective about their kids. Though it comes with a brand but all brands don’t suit all kids…hmmm… What to buy? I am so confused?” Sudha was thinking and finding solutions. 

Tell me mommies aren’t this kind of situation you also face sometimes? You do right? I understand and what why I got a few ideas of gifts for new parents, come on let’s check it out:

Comfortable Cloth Diapers :

Very basic but much-needed one, yes as an experienced parent, I can assure you about this a newborn keep peeing every now and then and at such times we need tons of diapers. So if you will gift the same it will be a perfect useful gift.

Cloth Diapers

Baby Carrier :

It’s very useful while planning to take baby outside the home. And not only keeps baby close to you but gives you freedom to use the hands.

Baby Carrier

Diaper bag :

It’s also called all in one. You can carry all baby essentials in one bag like diapers, pacifiers, a clothing set, bib, baby blanket, pacifier, baby wipes, diaper rash cream, talcum powder, hand sanitizer, changing mat, and so on.

Diaper Bag

Baby’s clothing :

Now a day’s parents are keen on their baby’s looks and for that they buy diffident types of fancy clothes. Some of the parents do a lot of photo-shoots also. At such times they need a variety of clothes. When you gift the clothing set it gets used easily.

Baby Clothing

Portable baby bed :

This is one of my favorite as I really used this lot of times. It’s not only a comfortable and portable bed but this also saves kids from mosquitoes or flies n all. Plus this is very lightweight and foldable so can carry anywhere. 

Portable Baby Bed

Swaddling cloth :

Babies need swaddling cloth as they mess a lot. This cloth not only helps in reducing the mess but it also can be used as burp cloth.

Swaddling cloth

Breast pump :

This is a new generation so why not enjoy the technology? The breast pump is one of the useful things as whenever a mother needs to go out she can keep some milk ready for the baby and the one who is taking care of the baby can feed it.

Breast pump

Play Gym :

A mother has a lot of things to look after at such times this play gym can keep your baby busy for long hours can you can finish the work or even rest next to him and read a book.

Baby Bath :

To make a newborn bath is a very delicate thing and new moms are especially scared to do so. Baby bath can solve your problem as this is very kid-friendly and available with small toys with attractive colors.

Bouncing chair :

Same like play gym, this is also very useful to all babies and can keep baby busy and happy for long hours. 

Bouncing Chair

Emergency kit :

This works like a first aid but very useful as babies move a lot, they roll, and they try to walk and to pull something, while having this kit ready you can take care of small accidents. You can put basic things like diaper rash cream, saline drops, thermometer, and nasal aspirator, nail cutter, medicine dropper, and so on. This can helps you, especially at midnight.

Emergency Kit

Everyone thinks their gift should be unique but at the same time, it should be useful too. So use the above ideas and if anyone has any further ideas then do share….

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