Hyper Active Kids, Do they have Sugar Rush?

Our home always looks lively if we have active kids at home but have you heard the new concept of hyper active kids?

These kids have extra energy to do any activity. And they are really very active.

When I had my baby, that time I observed that he hardly used to sleep. I really mean it mommies, from 24 hrs time he used to sleep hardly 3 to 4 hours anytime. He used to be really playful but I used to be tired being awake with him as he was a newborn. Finally after 1 week of his birth I immediately took him to doc and asked him what’s wrong with him as he doesn’t sleep at all. I was very tensed that why he isn’t sleeping. My paediatrician simply laughed and said, o momy, not to be worried at all. Your kid is totally fine just that he is very hyper active kid and nothing else. He has extra energy than other kids. And then I was relaxed after hearing this.

So, saw mommies, 1st time parents are always scared of small things, so was I.

After few times when he started his outside food that time there was another discovery. Whenever he used to eat any sweets he was more active than the regular time. But immediately after some time he used to be normal again. I was wondering now what this is. And another discovery was… he had sugar rush too. Are you guys aware of this? When kids eat any sweet they start becoming too much active that sometimes beyond your control but immediately after few minutes they becomes normal or gets little tired.

So what’s Sugar rush? It’s kind of a sudden and brief burst of energy supposedly experienced after the consumption of food or drink with high sugar content. And after few minutes only it makes you feel tired n drained as your body already used the energy before. So what’s the solution? Only one. See that your kiddo will have minimum intake of sugar. So this way it won’t really harm him and his teeth as well…

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