How to Use Frozen Bananas for Baking?

Frozen banana has been used in baking for long, it can give you a yummy cake, muffins, or banana bread but there is a lot of
confusion about how to use frozen bananas for baking. So read this blog and you will get an idea of how you can freeze the
banana so you can use it for baking.

How to Use Frozen Bananas for Baking?

First, let’s understand how to freeze banana:

Type 1:
 First, peel off the banana, now slice it evenly.
 Take a baking sheet and spread these slices across evenly and put them in the freezer.
 Once the slices get frozen then take time out and shift onto a plastic container in layers, don’t forget to put
parchment paper after every slice.

Type 2:
 First, peel off the banana, now mash it completely, and put this into a plastic freezer bag.
 Spread it well and make flat, remove the air completely before freezing the bag.

Type 3:
 In this, you don’t need to peel off, just freeze the whole banana.
 Use this whenever needed.

Now understand how to defrost this while baking:

Type 1:

 If you have sliced the banana then take out the required quantity and put it open for some time.
Type 2:
 If you have mashed the banana then take out the bag and keep out for some time.
Type 3:
 If you have full banana frozen then take it out let it be normal, once it’s at room temperature then take a knife
and peel off.

What all things you can make with frozen banana:

Recipe 1:
Banana cupcakes: Take a bowl and add mashed bananas, then add some sugar, eggs, baking powder, butter, flour and
vanilla, and few cinnamon sticks. Mix these entire well and pour into cupcake mold. Now bake for 350 degrees for 20
mins. Once cooled down its ready to serve.

Recipe 2:
Banana bread: Take a bowl and add the mashed banana, now add eggs, butter, milk, sugar, flour, and baking soda. Take a
loaf pan and pour this batter and bake for 375 degrees. Once cooled down its ready to serve.

Banana can add great taste to your food and you can discover a lot of recipes with frozen banana, just try and enjoy.

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