How to celebrate Christmas in COVID?

Neeta was looking at Amy, but Amy was busy checking her cupboard, her Christmas stuff was out and Amy was searching for something rigorously. “What are you searching my love?” Neeta asked in curiosity. “Mommy, I am not able to find my Christmas hat, do you know where is it?” Neeta asked, “But why do you want it now as this year we aren’t going out neither we are calling any of the friend’s sweetie.” The moment Amy heard this, she started crying as Christmas was one of the favorite festivals for little Amy and when she came to know this year no celebrations then she couldn’t control herself. Neeta was very tensed to see her daughter like this, she immediately rushed towards her to make her calm but her in her mind the thoughts were still on about now How to celebrate Christmas in COVID?

So friends, as we already entered in December we know that Christmas fever will be on soon but do you also have this the biggest question in your mind that, how to celebrate Christmas in COVID? Well then you must read this blog as I have gotten some simple tips for you whereon you can make your family happy with these ideas.

Simple ideas to celebrate Christmas in COVID:

Bake your favorite cookies at home:

When we bake anything at home then it gives a very delicious aroma. So get all the needed material like cookie cutter, decorations, frostings etc. and bake the cooking with your little one so that your kiddo will also have a feeling of Christmas celebration at home.

Decorate your house with all types of Christmas decorations:

So what you cannot have your friends or relatives in your house this year for Christmas celebrations but still you can decorate the house just like every year and give the Christmassy feelings to yourself and your family too.

Play Christmas movies after dinner:

Once you all finish the donner then plan for a nice Christmas movie at your home, try to make your home like a theater, make some popcorns. You can add on Christmas candies as well.

Let your kiddo makes the Hot Cocoa for you and the family:

Kids love it when you let them enter the kitchen but if your kid is too small to make or bake then you can give him / her minimum ingredients and allow them to make Hot Cocoa for you. For this keep all the things ready on the kitchen platform like warm milk, hot cocoa, marshmallows, and chocolate- sprinkles.

Bake a Christmas cake with your family:

Instead of buying a Christmas cake why don’t you bake one at home with your family, this way you can have more fun and family bonding as well.

Plan for Christmas brunch:

Who says all parties needs to be done in the night only, plan for a Christmas brunch and make your family’s favorite foods like bagel spread, cranberry cheese balls, cheese fondue, truffle mac and grilled cheese sandwich etc.

Decorate your favorite Christmas tree at home:

In the market, you surely get a lot of pretty decorated Christmas trees but let your little one enjoy the decoration of the tree, buy the plain tree with all kinds of Christmas decorations like candies, glittered balls, bells, snowman, hats, elves, and so on.

Along with all these, you can plan a theme to get ready like either blue and white dressing, or red and green, then you can have some kind of decorations and you all can dress up as well following this theme, then you can make a virtual Christmas party with you friends and neighbors to add on more fun. Though you can’t step out of the house or can invite others but whit the above tips you can surely make this year’s Christmas memorable one, good luck.

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