Nishant was very happy when he came to know he became a father, he was not the typical type of father who expects only a baby boy. The moment doctor came out from the labor room, he simply asked about his wife’s health and baby’s health wherein he later discovered that he got a baby boy. Soon, his son started growing, Nishant made sure that he will be with his son maximum of the time. Nishant used to finish his work early and used to be home to spend quality time with his son. His neighbors, friends, and family members started noticing that he and his son has a really strong bonding which is not seen generally in other families. Generally, the son is always closed to his mother than his father. Few of his close friends asked him about it so Nishant said, “There is no magic between me and my son. It’s just how you manage your relationship. But still, if you insist, I have shared the real secrets about how to be a good dad.” His friends were excited to know all this.
So friends you wanna know the secret behind how to be a good dad? Then read this blog, and this can reflect in your family too.

How to be a good dad?

  • Be with them whenever needed: Yes a very powerful mantra but it works. All kids know that their mom is available 24/7, even if she is working or a housewife so if a mom can do then why can’t you do it? Every child wishes to be with his parents all the time and not just with a mommy, mainly if he has any special events in his school like drama, competitions or some award ceremony. Seeing a father standing there all the time gives them extra confidence. 
  • They deserve a hug too: In a lot of houses, we see that a mom is there to hug a kid but the dad is all time strict. Leave these olden days thoughts behind and go ahead and hug your child. This will give him confirmation that yes you love him as well.   
  • Read some stories: Reading stories for your child means giving him extra time. SO be with your child, read stories, doing some sections while reading particular ones, and enjoy yourself with your child.  
  • Be nicer with their mom too: Every child loves their mother and if anything goes against her they can’t really bear it even if it is their father. So even if you don’t agree with your wifey on any terms but then don’t show it in front of your kids. Take her to another room and express your feelings. 
  • You can play too: Playing with kids means creating a strong bond with them. And this benefit even a father can take.  So play more to create a strong bond. 
  • They expect protection: Oh yes, every kid’s one major expectation from his dad, where they don’t see their mom to be very strong they expect their dad to protect them in every small and big issues of life. 

To be a good dad, you don’t really need lot of money but just follow the above points and you will see how your kids will love you back. 

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