How Much Water Should You Drink During Pregnancy?

How Much Water Should You Drink During Pregnancy? Well, this can be a very basic but important question especially if it’s a pregnant lady. We all know water is an essential part of our life. And if we drink less water then we may face some problems. So mommies today I am gonna tell how much water to drink during pregnancy.

How Much Water Should You Drink During Pregnancy?

Being a pregnant lady you should have 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. And this includes your all day’s drink including all coffees, tea, fruit juices etc. 

Drinking less water side effects: 

If you drink less water then you might get dehydrated which isn’t good for your foetus? 

Signs of dehydration: 

Less water consumption may cause dehydration and this can be found out through  feeling thirsty again and again, passing dark colour urine, mouth and eye may turn dry, mild headache, sometimes dizziness also. 

Morning sickness also causes dehydration in some pregnant ladies. 

Water health benefits: 

Drinking sufficient amounts of water is not only good for you but for your foetus also. Water not only helps you in keeping hydrated but also absorbs essential nutrients and transfers vitamins, minerals and hormones to the blood cells. These healthy nutrient rich blood cells reach the placenta and go to your baby. 

In pregnancy the food intake is generally more as it’s for two. So the more intakes the more output has to be, in such conditions, water is the one who helps. 

Due to the good amount of drinking water, your kidney functions well and you don’t face any problems. If your urine is there in your body for a long duration then it may give birth to infections bacteria and creates problems in your kidney’s normal functioning. 

Good amount of water in your body takes out all the waste and keeps your body clean from inside. 

Not only this but water also helps in fighting with headaches, swelling overheating and fatigues in our body. 

Keep an eye on your water quality: 

Drinking sufficient amounts of water is a good thing but make sure that the water you are drinking is safe and good quality. Because the water we get is not good to drink directly as it may harm the foetus. This may contain a lot of chemicals like lead, mercury and arsenic. 

Being a pregnant lady you can’t just drink plain water as a lot of ladies get nausea from it. So go ahead and have some smoothie, fruit juices, herbal tea but don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. 

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