Handling a Newborn.

Handling a Newborn? And that too first time? Uhh… very mixed moment. Stress and happiness both feelings run together in the mind. Yeah… I’m telling you all this with experience.  

When my child was born at that time, of course, I was very excited but scared too as never handled any newborn na. After my delivery I shifted to the room that time he was in my mom’s hand, big eyes, thick curly black hair, observing with wide eyes. Hahaha… I still remember that moment. Mom kept him next to me on the bed, wow really wow and blessed fleeing I had.

After some time my relatives started visiting. And I did the biggest mistake by letting him go in everyone’s hand. Real big mistake mommies. He was very fragile, and of course with very little immune system. And they all just came from traveling, touching all public transports, Indian currency (most unhygienic especially the coins) they took my kid in hand, touched his cheeks, hugged him. I totally have forgotten this part but in the night when all left, my mom in law came and asked my hubby to buy sanitizer. She insisted we also to use it before touching the kid, and suggested I should not let everyone touch him. Not due to any reason but just for his hygiene.

That time was a happy realization moment for me. Yes.. she was absolutely correct. Being the 1st-time mommy this simply slipped from my mind. In India, we really don’t think much about these small issues and completely ignore na…

If we will keep hand sanitizer in the baby’s room then it’s easy for us or any guests to clean our hands and kill the germs. I must say this was also one of the new learning for me ya…

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