Good Hospital Matters in The Period of Delivery.

When a couple plans for a baby they should not just research about name of the baby but they should also see if there is any nearby hospital is available for delivery. Its very common that we do lot of research of the doctor who will be doing the delivery surgery but this should not limit to the doctor only. As there are other things also to study, like staff behind the hospital.

In my personal experience, I remember when I delivered a baby I was hospitalised for 3 to 4 days due to C-section. Those time my hubby, my mom and my mom-in-law used to stay with me turn by turn. There I had worst experience of those nurses. Whenever we required them they were always busy, in day time only present in maternity ward and in night just sleeping, yeah actually sleeping. I am telling you mommies, whenever in night we called for something they simply denied the duty and said we are tired of deliveries so let us sleep now. They didn’t provide warm water; they didn’t help in holding my baby even when I used to be alone for some times in the room.

It was saddening to see being a lady they didn’t understand a need of a mom. And the worst was when we were leaving the hospital on my 4th day of delivery full staff was present shamelessly to ask guerdon and my mom gave each one of them few ruppes so that they should give blessings to me n my kid.

But tell me mommies, is it really fair?

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