Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy… can it be enjoyable? Meena was thinking. As she heard tons of stories about it, some were cute, some were stressed, some were sad too….. she wasn’t able to focus on anything the day she came to know that she is pregnant. 

Just like Meena, there are many women who get stressed once they get this good new but mommies leave these stores behind and simply enjoy your pregnancy, I can tell you how to… 

How to enjoy your pregnancy:

  • Listen to Music: Music is one of the soothing methods for everyone and especially when you are under stress due to pregnancy. It doesn’t have only this benefit but for pregnant ladies, it helps to develop the growth of the baby’s brain, so if you are expecting a baby and under stress then enjoy some music and make your baby genius too. 
  • Live the queen size life: No one says no ever to any pregnant lady so enjoy this time as whatever you wish, all are going to happen, though it’s your hubby, in-laws, parents, colleagues, friends, and neighbors. This beautiful pink time is all yours. 
  • Got free time, read a book: Read n read on. This will help you with solving your tons of queries. And slowly you will get an answer to your questions which will take away your worries. If reading pregnancy books bored you then switch on to storybooks which will make you happy. 
  • Meditate for positive thoughts: Always pulls positive energy. And in pregnancy you need this extra 😉 So do meditate every-day. 
  • Naps are important too: In pregnancy, you need a lot of rest and these small naps make a huge difference in making your body rest. So go ahead and rest for a while. 
  • It’s a movie time: One of the best ways to kill your time is watching TV but in our daily routine, we don’t get time even to finish one movie. So what are you thinking now mommy, go ahead and make a list of your favorite movies and enjoy them? 
  • Oh ya! It’s a Spa: Bring a lot of pampering yourself, one of them is the spa. Make yourself relax and enjoy this time and soon you will be busy day and night looking after your baby. 
  • Exercise: You are a pregnant lady who doesn’t believe in the bluff that you can’t exercise as you have specific workouts to be done during pregnancy. If you are not sure about them join the prenatal classes. It will make your body feel free from the joint pains and make you relax. 
  • Take a walk daily: Walk is very important as it makes your feet free from stiffness, which generally faces by a lot of pregnant ladies. You can enjoy the walk with your hubby to make the bond stronger. 
  • Make your partner your support: When you are going to the tests all alone during pregnancy. Take him along with you, let him also share your pain, what feeling you are going through, let him learn how to take care of you. This will not only make you happy but will bring you both close again. 
  • Friends are needed: You always need your friends to make you laugh, to give you more tips and to have fun all together. Don’t cut your friends but be in touch to make yourself happier. 
  • Get a Photo-shoot done: Now a day’s pregnancy photo-shoot is very common. Just plan, shop and get it done to cherish your memories. 

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in your body and so in your mood but it should not give you stress rather it should be one of the greatest times of your life which is not every day’s joy. 

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