Coronavirus – A threat to Parents

Coronavirus, today’s major threat across the world. As everyone is very much aware of this virus which is spreading the world very quickly, this is a pneumonia-like virus firstly identified in Wuhan, China. To date it has sickened around 4,500 people and is a major cause of 106 deaths. It’s spreading worldwide due to international travel. This virus has been spread to the parts of the world like Europe, Canada, Washington, Arizona, Illinois, California, and Asian countries. So let’s discover what exactly Coronavirus, its symptoms are and how to take care.

So let’s discover what exactly Coronavirus, its symptoms are and how to take care

  • What is Coronavirus :

Coronaviruses aren’t new but it has been firstly identified in the 1960’s. No one knows where it came. This virus can affect humans and animals. In animals like bats, camels and cats this virus are very common. This is a contagious virus, which can be spread just by touching of infected person’s hands or face, through infected people’s sneezing and coughing, or by touching all those things which have been touched by infected people.

  • How Coronavirus stared:

This virus has originated from the Wuhan seafood market, China where wild animals like birds, rabbits, bats, marmots, snaked are traded. This virus is known to jump from animals to humans, so it’s a possibility that the people who work in that seafood market had been infected due to contact with animals. Initial analysis suggested this virus has seen in snakes but it may seem that it came from bats. The reason could be snakes hunt bats in the wild so it has spread from bats to snakes.

  • Symptoms of Coronavirus:

This virus shows the symptoms within 2 days to 14 days. This is an illness that affects the respiratory tract.

Its major symptoms are:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Running nose
  • Sore throat

Because the symptoms are very similar to normal cough and cold it’s difficult for a common person to understand whether he is infected or not unless he doesn’t do the test. People who feel shortness of breath are prone to death. When coronavirus infection spreads to your windpipes and lungs it may cause pneumonia, mainly in older people or those who have heart disease or weak immune systems.

  • How dangerous is Coronavirus:

Major cases of coronavirus showed distress in the respiratory system and it leads to death. And because this is a new disease, the exact medication is yet to come. If a person meets or touches an infected person then most likely the other person also gets infected. The major fear for all the countries is its spreading world widely due to international traveling happening from one country to another country. Those countries that have strong medical infrastructure are on the lower side of risk.

  • Precautions to be taken:

Yet there is no vaccine for coronavirus. So you have to follow the same things you follow for common cold and cough.

  • Always wash your hands properly with soap and warm water.
  • Use an alcohol-based sanitizer if the soap isn’t available
  • Wash or scrub your hands minimum 20 seconds
  • Avoid close contacts with infected people
  •  Do not touch your eyes, mouth, and nose frequently, if so then wash your hands properly
  • If you are detected with Coronavirus :
  • Take good rest
  • Drink plenty of liquid
  • Cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing
  • Stay at home
  • Take a steamy shower
  • Use humidifier
  • Take steam
  • Drink warm water
  • When to see the doctor :

If your child is having a cough, runny nose or fever but he didn’t travel in past days then you need not worry. But either any if your friends or family recently came from travel and faces such symptoms then he should be taken to the doctor immediately.

Currently, there is no vaccine in the market as this virus is new and it takes not less than a year for any company to develop any vaccine. So this season there is a high possibility of the non-availability of this vaccine but it will be available in the future.

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