Christmas and Marshmallows

Christmas and marshmallows always go hand in hand. It’s just not possible that if there is a Christmas and there can’t be marshmallows. Kids love Christmas and so do marshmallows. It’s a savory-sweet sugary feast to be enjoyed. But anyone has any idea from where these marshmallows came? Come on, let’s discover!!

Marshmallow word originated from the plant Mallow. It grows in salty marshes near huge bodies of water. It generally grows from two to four feet. Nobody knows when marshmallows were invented but it’s been said that around 2000 B.C Ancient Egyptians found this. They served it for their gods and also restricted its use for people except for royal families.  Apart from a sweet-savory it also used in soothing coughs and sore throats, it also used to heal wounds.

In the 1800s French discovered another way of using marshmallows. They discovered that apart from using it as a medicinal plant it can be used in baking also. The French shop owners combined the marshmallow sap with egg whites, they also added sugar and whipped it and that’s how the first marshmallow was born!

Today, there are different varieties of marshmallows available in the market. And their use is also extensive. Like in cookies, coffees, hot cocoa and other types of sweets. Its different flavors, shape, size, and colors attract not only kids but adults too. Though it’s available in different flavors like strawberry, vanilla, mint, peppermint, chocolate, fruits, coconut, but the best seller is always vanilla. In festive times, marshmallows can be used for decoration and Christmas trees, making a snowman or Easter bunnies and so on.

Marshmallows are made in different types like marshmallow pops, marshmallow bears, and marshmallow candies, marshmallow jelly beans, puffy poles, marshmallow cups, marshmallow poles.

Every child’s one of the favorite treats is rice crispy s’ mores especially in summer campfire. It includes roasted marshmallows and s’ more pie. 

It’s fun to make such treats at home with corn syrup, granulated sugar, gelatine, and other ingredients. Try it enjoy it .. God bless!!

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