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How to celebrate Christmas in COVID?

Neeta was looking at Amy, but Amy was busy checking her cupboard, her Christmas stuff was out and Amy was searching for something rigorously. “What are you searching my love?” Neeta asked in curiosity. “Mommy, I am not able...

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Gift set for babies

Ideal Gifts for New Parents!

“Sudha, tomorrow we have to go to meet Abhi and Diksha, they are blessed with a baby girl. Please get ready by 5 pm and yeah please get some useful gift for them.” Rakesh told Sudha and walked out...

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picky eaters

5 Tips to Handle Picky Eaters

“Mommy, why this veggie is in my dish? You know I don’t like leafy veggies. “Amit was on high with his tone. “But it’s healthy so please finish it completely,” mommy was also angry now. “You do this fuss...

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Indoor games

Indoor games…A new tradition

Indoor Games…. A new tradition. Let’s see how?? “Kirti, come let’s climb the tree, and later we will pluck some flowers for evening Pooja. And tomorrow we have to build a castle in our society ground.” Hina was going...

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15 Good Manners to Teach Your Kids

“Rahul, please remove your finger from your nose. Have some manners.” Rahul’s mom was shouting at him. At the dinner table, Rahul was getting served but he became impatient and asked him mom to serve a full sweet dish...

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