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Indoor games

Indoor games…A new tradition

Indoor Games…. A new tradition. Let’s see how?? “Kirti, come let’s climb the tree, and later we will pluck some flowers for evening Pooja. And tomorrow we have to build a castle in our society ground.” Hina was going...

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Top 10 tips to raise Teenagers

A teenage kid is always a challenge for parents. Their raising is not so easy. They feel their friends are more close to them than their parents. There has been a clash between the teenagers and their parent’s thoughts....

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Lullabies…Do they really work?

Yeah.. very valid question. I also always use to think that do lullabies really work? Do they have that magic to make kids sleep? And I only got the answer… Yes.. they work. As my personal experience says it...

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Handling a Newborn.

Handling a Newborn? And that too first time? Uhh… very mixed moment. Stress and happiness both feelings run together in the mind. Yeah… I’m telling you all this with experience. When my child was born at that time,...

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