C-section Delivery…a Need or A Trend?

“Hey, Juhi, what kinda delivery you faced yaa?? I was checking out with all my friends who delivered a baby recently. “

Juhi answered: “C-section re… The reason was umbilical cord got wrapped around my baby’s neck. So I had no option. Hmmm…”

I thought… Possible. Then I dialed another friend and heard her baby passed meconium (stool) while he was still inside the uterus which could lead to poison so she went through C-section. Another friend said, due to his height he couldn’t pass through so did the same.. and me? I got the reason from my doc was my Amniotic fluid (water in the uterus) was over and my kiddo hadn’t come down at all. So even I went through C-section…  

Whoa… what’s happening around? Out of my 10 mommy friends almost 9 did C-section and that too all had a different reason though. How acceptable the fact is? Just by scaring a mom by saying if you won’t opt for C-section then we aren’t responsible for your baby’s life/death. What a scary sentence is that? I mean a mother who nourishes a child for 9 months, takes care of it more than her, gives up sleep, comfort, and everything just for that 1 life.. and when she hears such thing how can she get ready for it? This is a very basic and emotional fact of every mom’s life, wherein she immediately says Yes for C-section, though it has tons of side effects and of course costs a bomb.

When I was pregnant and got a check-up done from 3 top Gynac’s from Mumbai who gave me a clean chit about normal delivery as they saw I was fit because I was able to do all the household work, exercise and was eating healthy food. But when I went to my hometown (Aurangabad, Maharashtra) there my doc did C-section only.

It’s very easy for doc’s or senior citizens to say this generation is weak and can’t take the pain so I would like to tell them this isn’t true. Instead, now day’s doctors are making everything like a business. Because normal delivery includes a small number of fees wherein C-section charges bomb. And it’s not just limited here but even some Jyotish also got involved in this as they tell to be parents that plan your delivery at particular time date and time as its good fortune for your baby…

It’s a kind request to all those doctors and to be parents too who are involved in this, please let the beautiful process of nature happen the way it is. Do not interrupt or change. Let that mother only take the decision and let her live freely instead of frightenly.          

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