Best Food To Keep Coronavirus Away

Best Food To Keep Coronavirus Away. Coronavirus is spreading across the world and now has become one of the deadliest viruses. Scientists are searching and working to find the cure of the same but nothing firm yet in hands at such times we can take a few precautions and need to boost our immune system. There are a few important foods or herbs that are known as strong immune boosters. So let’s read this article and understand which food or herbs can help us increase our immunity.

Best Food or Herbs To Keep Coronavirus Away:

  • Ginger :

This has well known antioxidant property which boosts our immune system. Not only has this but it also kills viruses which may cause cold and fever.

  • Tulsi :

Also known as holy basil keeps all the infections away and it’s kind of natural immune booster. Tulsi can kill infectious viruses like fungi, protozoa, and bacteria. Our immunity gets boosted by Tulsi as it increases T helper cells and the natural killer cells.

  • Coconut Oil :

This is also a very regular in Indian’s daily lifestyle but this time it should be included in cooking too, the reason behind this is coconut oil has lauric and caprylic acid. This not only helps in strengthening the immune system but also fights with the bacteria and viruses which can cause harmful diseases.

  • Garlic :

This has a compound called allicin which stimulates immune and it also promotes white blood cell activity. And these white blood cells help in destroying cold and flu viruses. Garlic also has a capacity to kill human rhinovirus which is one of the main causes of respiratory virus, cold and common flu.

  • Onion :

This is one of our daily ingredients that contain quercetin and this nutrient can break up mucus in the head and chest. Just like garlic onion also contains allicin which kills the microbes from your body. Onions pungency increases the blood circulation in the body coz of which you sweat.

There is no fixed medicine for coronavirus yet but to take precautions is in our hands. So at least do that and keep yourself and your family safe from all this.

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