And This is Daddy’s 1st Time Too….

O ya.. becoming the 1st-time mommy is a blessing at the same time being the first time daddy is also a blessing. We often see that when a mom delivers a baby, every one’s around her, addressing her, adores her but what about a daddy? It’s his 1st time too na.. From husband, he also joins a new platform called father. And this is also a challenging job.

Now he also got a new add-on responsibility, isn’t it?

I remember when I delivered my kiddo and I was still unconscious that time it was only 3 of us in that room, me, my hubby and our new family member, my son. I could see him on the bed with me but couldn’t talk as I wasn’t in a complete sense of mine. I saw that my kid did his 1st potty, it was green in color. I wanted to get up and clean but due to my surgery, I couldn’t do anything so my hubby got up, managed warm water and sterilized cotton, then with a lot of warmth n patience he cleaned it. Though I wasn’t in my senses I could see dad’s unconditional, inexpressible love for his son.

So, this is how a man also gets mature, without telling him, without teaching him he completed his 1st task of being daddy very successfully. Wow… I was amazed by seeing that. Mommies, I feel we Indians always talk a lot about mom, her sacrifice, her love and all but in this part, we completely ignore a dad. Isn’t this really unfair? Dads are always tough, just like coconut, very strong from out but as soft as malai from inside.

When a wife gets pregnant at that time it’s not just a wife who has sleepless nights but it’s a husband also who keeps calming her by saying, you will be fine, he is the one strong shoulder who keeps giving support to his wify. He is the one who joins her in all thousands of pregnancy tests, keeps motivating her for having healthy food takes care of her mood swings and still be patient with all the pregnancy tantrums. So we should not ignore the very important part of pregnancy, and that’s Daddy.. you agree girls?

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    • TruptiPatil

      yeah, we always think about a mommy but forgets dad.. this is just a reminder to give the same importance to dad as well….

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