About Me

Hi I’am Trupti Patil


Motherhood…The sweetest form of pure love and it not just stops here but it also involves a lot of energy, liveliness, fun, learning and a relationship. Yeah… I also got introduced to all these layers of life after my son’s birth. From pregnancy to delivery and from delivery till today it’s been 8 years of motherhood journey I lived. And I’m sure I will live more as once a mother then for the life you are a mother.

It doesn’t matter how quick your kid grows or how fast you become old, it never bothers whether he/she is married or having their own kids, after all a mom’s journey is always on. And that’s what I thought of starting this blog… The Mom’s Diary. It has this special name because whatever is special to us, we always keep/write it in a diary. And the same way, I started writing all my personal experiences of my pregnancy and raising my kid.

I’m not just a blogger but I’m a Social Media Strategist by profession. I love hanging out with my friends, but there is always a condition that there should be coffee on our table while having fun. I love meeting new people and sharing thoughts with them too. And I’m sure; this platform will definitely introduce me to other mommies too.