9 Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter Before Birth

9 Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter Before Birth

9 Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter Before Birth.

“Congratulations Ritu, you are pregnant.” Ritu heard this golden word from her gynac and she got very much excited. “Arjun, we are going to have a baby. Please come home early.” Ritu called her husband. Arjun rushed home to celebrate this happiness. They started doing a lot of research about pregnancy and found an article which was about ways to make your baby smarter before birth and they were surprised. What ideas were given in that article? Come on let’s find out.

9 Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter Before Birth:

1. Include Eggs in your diet :

In pregnancy one of the needed vitamins is choline which is present in egg yolks. This vitamin helps in developing learning and memory in babies. Due to the good development of brain cells baby can get good support for cognitive development.

2. Get that Sunshine :

All of us know that vitamin D is present in the sunshine which helps in developing strong bones. But when to take the sunshine is also important. Go in the early morning sunshine as after that you will get only heat from the sun and nothing else. It’s also seen that lot of pregnant ladies discover they are having vitamin D deficiency only after getting pregnant which can lead to autism in babies. Vitamin D not only helps in developing a baby’s strong bones but also gives him a healthy heart.  

3. Do talk and read to your baby :

This might sound strange but this has been proved that the baby begins to hear from the mother’s womb itself. And it can respond too. Babies also learn early word recognition after their birth when that baby is used to listen to talking or even singing and this also helps in the baby’s brain development. A regular talk or particular music can make the baby happy and it can encourage it to be calm even when he is in the womb.

4. Massage your belly :

It’s shown in studies that if you massage your belly gently then it can stimulate the baby’s brain and the baby responds to you which increases his activity inside the womb. Avoid stress as it may cause premature delivery. As the long time a baby spends inside your womb the better his brain develops. So it’s very important for to be mothers to avoid all kinds of stress.

5. Eat healthy food :

It’s very important for pregnant ladies to eat healthy food during pregnancy as the baby’s complete health is dependent on the same. Omega -3 is an essential fatty acid for both, the mother and the baby. So it’s better to include food like fish, walnuts, soya beans, leafy greens, flax seeds, chia seeds, seaweed, hemp seeds, and mustard oil. Iron is found in leafy vegetables like spinach helps to flow the oxygen to the baby’s brain cells. Walnuts help in the brain development of babies. Almonds provide niacin, protein and give energy to the developing brain of the baby.

6. Stay fit and active :

In pregnancy staying fit and active is also very important. When a pregnant lady exercises then the blood flows around the baby too in your womb, this also helps in the development of your baby. One of the known facts is if a pregnant lady is active during pregnancy then she has a smarter child. Just before starting any exercise do consult your doctor.

7. Give away the alcohol, drugs and nicotine :

Pregnancy means taking a lot of care and going on complete healthy food by avoiding all not healthy things including alcohol, drugs, and nicotine.  As this has been proved that smoking during pregnancy carries a higher risk of premature delivery may cause breathing issue to your fetal or it may cause serious health disorder.

8. Iodine is important :

For smooth functioning of the thyroid gland Iodine is an essential mineral. If a pregnant lady reduces the intake of iodine then it lowers the baby’s IQ too. That’s why it’s important to add iodine to the diet; you can find this in food like milk, yogurt, and iodized salt.

9. Pre-natal supplement is important :

Pregnant ladies surely take care of themselves and shifts on healthy eating but she also needs add-on supplements for complete and healthy development of the fetal.  Supplements and vitamins which include folic acid also help is smooth delivery and it adds to the baby’s well-being. However, before going on any medication, it’s always better to consult your doctor.

Pregnancy means taking a lot of care and follow healthy food and lifestyle habits. If all the above things get followed properly then you may have a smarter child in your arms.

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