8 Myths about COVID – 19

Coronavirus is increasing everywhere and due to that a lot of people are confused and scared, at the same time they are also reading a lot of things about coronavirus. Though it’s not necessary whatever they are listening to is right only, it’s highly possible that a lot of information from this is not true. So today I have got this article that will talk about such myths and the truth behind it.

8 myths about Covid – 19:

So my dear friends please read below myths and try not to believe them so easily.

  1. Only senior citizens can catch Coronavirus:

Well, we all know that senior citizens have a weak immune system and that’s why they are prone to all the diseases.  So this is true that senior citizens are at more risk compared to younger ones but this does not mean that younger should live carefree. They also need to take precautions about it.

  • Face masks can save you 100%:

We all are wearing face masks to be safe from this coronavirus but we were not used to this thing and we are doing it the first time that’s why a lot of people from us keeps touching the mask, they take it down while talking but these two things are riskier than not wearing the mask. Also, health experts already told that if you are not having any issues then you don’t need to wear a mask.

  • Shower can kill the virus:

This virus cannot be killed by any means yet. A lot of research is still going on. But if you think your hot bath can kill the virus then it’s just not true. So you need to take precautions as well.

  • Your pet is a danger for you:

As this coronavirus is a new thing for everyone and due to the health concern people are ready to believe everything. One of the wrong beliefs is, your pets are dangerous for you as they can speared coronavirus, and due to this myth lot of people are releasing their animals on the street but please people, do not believe in such rumors and do not leave your poor animals.

  • Hand driers can kill the virus:

Again one more myth, as hand dries has nothing to do with this virus; it’s you who has to follow the hygiene.  Keep cleaning your hands with soap and water. Use alcohol-based sanitizer.

  • Spray sanitizer on the body to be safe from this virus:

This is not so good idea as just spraying alcohol or alcohol-based spray can’t get you rid of this virus once it’s entered in your body. So do not try such a thing which may lead to something else.

  • Social distancing doesn’t matter when I’m fit:

Yes, a lot of people feel this that they are very much fit and fine and they do not need to follow anything, not even social distancing. But this isn’t true. It’s possible that you are very much fit and coronavirus won’t touch you at all but you can be the carrier and you might pass it to your family. So please maintain social distancing.

  • Coronavirus cannot sustain in hot weather:

This is also very much spread as a rumor in the market, and people believed as well. But research has already told that coronavirus can get spread in any weather. Only taking good precautions can save you from this.

So, my friends, you might hear a lot of rumors in the market but you need to understand and then follow the things, please do not follow anything blindly.

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