7 benefits of eating Beetroot in Pregnancy

Beetroot, this name only gives a fair idea to everyone that it’s filled with lots of nutrition. And this healthy food is defiantly beneficial for pregnant ladies. This blood-red colored veggie is full of iron which helps to prevent anemia and it regulates blood sugar. This also helps in treating the swelling and pain during pregnancy. Ladies also eat this in pregnancy to prevent fetus birth defects. 

Let’s discover what are the 7 benefits of beetroot if eaten in pregnancy:

  1. Anemia – Iron presented in Beetroot increases the hemoglobin count in the blood which reduces the risk of anemia. 
  2. Metabolism – Potassium present in beetroot helps in controlling metabolism substantially during pregnancy. And maintains blood pressure level too.                
  3. Immunity – Immunity is one of the important factors need in pregnancy, beetroots antioxidants properties help in building immunity which can help to prevent infections.
  4. Blood purification – Purifying blood is one of the important factors of beetroot which prevents the risk of diseases and infections on the fetus.
  5. Foetus development – There are a lot of factors that help in the development of the fetus, one of them is folic acid. It’s also available in beetroot which helps in the optimal development of the fetus. 
  6. Minimize birth defects – The folic acid available in beetroot helps in the development of the nervous system and it also reduces the risk of birth anomalies like spina Bifida. 

Digestion – Pregnancy needs good digestion which can be smoother by adding beetroot in your life as its dietary fiber keeps your bowl moment very healthy. 

Side effects of eating beetroot during pregnancy –

  1. There are few chances of having kidney stones because of the oxalate content present in beetroot.
  2. If there is excess consumption of beetroot then it can lead to temporary paralysis of the vocal cord. 
  3. Beetroot contains betaine which can be a reason for vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.
  4. Pregnancy brings fatigue too, beetroot can be the reason to increase the same as it has nitrate. 
  5. Beeturia happens due to beetroot, which turns the urine and stool into a red color. 

Consumption of beetroot and whether it suits your body is totally depending on person to person. Before adding this to your diet, once consult your doctor and then go-ahead.  

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