7 Bad Habits to Kick off before Pregnancy

7 bad habits to kick off before pregnancy. A healthy lifestyle produces a healthy baby. If you have bad habits then it’s very difficult to kick off these but you have to do it for a healthier pregnancy. Whatever will go inside will surely affect the insider too.

Read the below article about 7 bad habits to kick off before pregnancy and go easy for the delivery of your baby.

  1. Smoking :

Smoking can cause a lot of complications to you and your baby. It has been seen that due to smoking, it’s very difficult to achieve conception. Not only this but it also leads to premature delivery and can go into neonatal complications. A cigarette is made up of nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar. This leaves a bad effect on an embryo, especially on his growth and lungs.

To quit smoking you can join local smoking cessation programs, you can also try a few nicotine gums. Also, try to be far from smokers so you won’t feel tempted. It’s not necessary only your smoke will leave bad effect but passive smoking is as dangerous as your own smoking.

  • Alcohol :

Though you are not a regular drinker or heavy drinker even little drinking can also harm your fetus. Heavy drinking can sometimes affect the process of conceiving. Not only can this but it also increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. Alcohol consumption can affect of baby’s brain development and its nervous system.

To quit drinking, shift to smoothie or fruit juices, it will not only break your drinking habit but also will bring on health benefits.

  • Caffeine :

You must be a coffee lover but you have to forget about it while planning a pregnancy. Research says that more than 2 cups a coffee per day may lead to fertility problems as it contains caffeine. It can lead to miscarriage also.

To avoid these issues switch to regular tea.

  • Junk Food :

Who doesn’t like junk food? It’s everyone’s all-time favorite but you need to keep this food aside during pregnancy. The simple reason is junk food contains a lot of oil which isn’t good for your fetus as this can add extra kg’s to you and your fetus. And you or your fetus increases the weight then it may lead to a complicated delivery.

Instead go on a well balanced, healthy diet and forget about junk food.

  • Sugar :

You might be a sweet tooth person and you like to indulge in all kinds of desserts but during pregnancy, you need to avoid this as it may give your baby a sweet tooth. High-level glucose during pregnancy may lead you towards diabetics.

Enjoy all kinds of fruits and dry fruits whenever you crave sweets.

  • Stress :

You might be carrying high-level stress in your day today’s life but now it’s time to move towards a stress-free life.

A lot of times this stress leads in infertility and doesn’t respond to any treatments as well.

Go for some yoga classes; enjoy some music and make you relaxed during pregnancy.

  • Prescription Drugs :

You might take some prescribed drugs which can be in the category of C, D, AND X. In studies it’s been shown that category C drug has adverse effects in animal studies, category D drug indicated potential fetal risk and category X have shown fetal abnormality.

Consult to your doctor before taking any drugs, do some readings and then only decide about it.

The best way to avoid the above complications is to shift on healthy habits before pregnancy itself so that it won’t be very difficult while breaking on these.

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