5 Tips to Handle Picky Eaters

picky eaters

“Mommy, why this veggie is in my dish? You know I don’t like leafy veggies. “Amit was on high with his tone. “But it’s healthy so please finish it completely,” mommy was also angry now. “You do this fuss every day, please stop, I don’t want to see all this.” Mom was not in the mood to bear any tantrums today. 

Isn’t very familiar mommies? This scene is at every next door and we mommies keep trying our best to feed healthy to our kids wherein they keep rebelling. All moms are always worried about their kid’s weight and health and nutrition’s too. But now I have some easy tips to handle such a picky eater. Just follow these and see your biggest battle is won.

1. Fix the mealtime :

It’s very important to fix the meal and snack time as this creates a habit for your kid to eat at that time, he will automatically feel hungry and ask for food at the same time every day once he gets used to this routine. If any day your child isn’t ready to eat the meal then offer him some healthy food or juice or milk.

2. Make food fun :

Be creative and use bright color food to attract your toddlers. Cut the veggies and fruits in animal-shaped and serve. Instead of making the veggies routinely, make a paratha of some veggies, or try to make some veggie soup. You can use fruits in some dessert too.

3. No short order cooking :

Make it very clear to the kid that whatever is cooked for all will be going on his plate too. If you will keep on following your kid’s demands and will cook accordingly then he will have a feel of a restaurant than the kitchen. Make it a habit to eat the same food than being demanding new food every day.

4. Bribe is bad :

Promising kids to give them their favorite food after the meal is not but a bribe and that favorite food becomes yummy and regular meal becomes nothing but a boring burden which they need to finish enjoying the dessert. Never make this habit and make kids realize that the food served on the plate is also yummy and healthy. 

5. Never give up :

Keep offering new food to your kid and let them explore new tastes but never give up. It takes time for your kids to develop their taste buds and once done they will enjoy the food served on tier plate. Use weekly charts to encourage them and trey all small tricks to make them attracted to the meal. 

The fact of life is it’s not only kids who are picky eater but even elders do the same. Sometimes being picky is very natural and sometimes we should also give our kids some break and let them have some choice in food. 

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