15 Good Manners to Teach Your Kids

“Rahul, please remove your finger from your nose. Have some manners.” Rahul’s mom was shouting at him. At the dinner table, Rahul was getting served but he became impatient and asked him mom to serve a full sweet dish to him only. Mom said,” Rahul, this isn’t the way we should do, please learn some etiquettes, first finish what’s been served to you, then ask for more.” This is a very common scene at that home which has kids and we parents are always worried about our kid’s manners especially when we have guests at home or when we take our kids to meet outside world. But just worrying doesn’t really help. Instead, we should work on the solutions.

Let’s see what are the basic Manners and Etiquettes:

  • Learn to say Thank you and Please –This is one of the basic manners but much required in our daily lives. Whenever kids need anything they should use ‘please ‘in the sentences. And after receiving they should say ‘Thank you’. As a parent, you start following this and your kids will follow you.
  • Apologize on mistake – This is one of the toughest tasks now a day’s parents are facing. Though kids do mistakes but they don’t like to accept it and apology goes far from them. They feel insulted for being sorry about the mistakes. But we need to make them realize, if they commit any mistake then they have to accept and nothing’s wrong in this, they will not lose respect in society.
  • Ask before you take – We always make our kids feel that everything’s at home is their only and this is true also but they should not take everything granted. Before they take anything they should ask for it as this helps them when they enter the society like school, get together and all.
  • Saying Excuse me – It’s very common for kids to be impatient. Asking for small permissions while waiting for something makes them understand the importance of time and patience. Like if they need space to go ahead or they are in store to buy something or need to enter in any kind of communication. Simply saying excuse me can show the kids are well mannered.
  • Eye contact is important – When someone is talking, that time when kids look at another place then it shows he isn’t really interested in the communication. This gives the impression as if the kids not respecting the other person. Instead, kids should make eye contact to show that he is a good listener and interested in the topic.
  • Covering the mouth while sneezing or coughing  – Kids are very prone to germs and when any kid ion the group gets cough/cold he easily passes the same by sneezing or coughing. At such point, we should teach our kids to cover his mouth while coughing or sneezing so that he cannot pass the germs and it doesn’t look good also.
  • Stop making fun of people – At a young age, kids don’t really understand the difference between making fun and bullying. If the fun isn’t stopped at the right time then it turns into bullying. We need to tell them it isn’t good to make someone target and laugh at them.
  • Show respect to elders – Nowadays kids don’t respect their family members and for them, society or outsiders are just nothing; at such point of time we should intervene and explain to them the importance of giving respect to elders and senior citizens.
  • Pointing isn’t good – This gives very rude impression when anyone points the finger to someone and talks. Tell the kids that this isn’t a good habit to follow.
  • Be welcoming – Whenever any guests visit our home, ask the kid to be polite and welcoming to them instead of showing a bad face and running inside the house and cribbing why the guests did are here. This shows bad manners and kids unwelcomed faces can really hurt our guests. Also, if there is any other kid joins with them then our kids should share his toys and make the other kid happy too.
  • Sharing is caring – Yes, we heard this lot of times but we do need to teach also this to our kids as this gives a bad impression to other kids when our kid doesn’t share.
  • Help others – If anyone asks any help like a senior citizen’s bag falls then go quickly and lift it up as senior citizens cannot bend due to their age or if any friend is asking for some help then instead of just walk away, stop there and hep the kiddo.
  • Clean your mess – Kids are known as messy ones. Teach them to clean their stuff once they finish eating or any activity as this helps them to be independent and teach them good hygiene too.
  • Be kind with disabled people – Curiosity is one of the kid’s character but this can lead to any questions at such time when they see any disabled person they can ask anything about him. At such point, we need to teach them that all human beings are god and we should not laugh if anyone is disabled as it’s not at all that person’s mistake.
  • Be honest – Kids doesn’t understand what’s right and what’s not and in this mind state they don’t come to know that they started lying. To stop this, we need to teach our kids to be honest and never lie about anything even though its good thing or bad. Like if they break something or if they get fewer marks, kids need to tell the parents the truth.

Being a parent you always want your kid to be a good person but before teaching them all these, we need to see whether we are following the same or no. And if not, then we should do all this, and kids will automatically follow us!!!

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